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October 22, 2013
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It was once again another lovely day as the school bell begun to ring loudly. All the little ponies were getting back to school once again. The first was a light pegasus filly with a similar mixture colors within her hair and eyes; her name was Glaze. The second pony was her best friend, who she calls Blue Bird. He was a blue earth pony colt with blonde hair. The third was a greyish earth pony colt with light bluish hair. Then later came in more ponies with a variety of different colors and personalities. Finally the teacher came in who was a purplish blonde mare and once the class was all sitting, she came up to the front.

She softly smiles as she stands up in front of the class and announces, "Welcome class. I'm your new teacher. I personally go by many names, as many of my friends give me such nicknames, and the one I love the most to go by is Cheerilee." Most of the class was just watching and didn't even notice when the teacher said to herself, "Though not for long as a special daughter will have that name."

While the teacher was speaking, Glaze looked over to her friend who strangely was simply staring at her like he's in love then over to her other side, seeing the grey pony doing the same. "Not this again." Glaze mumbled to herself, as she remembers the two of them fighting over a previous newer teacher before.

The teacher had caught everypony's attention as she says, "Now. My first assignment for you is that you will introduce yourself to me and tell me a bit about yourself. I would love to get to know my students and to be able to expect specific events." She then pointed to the blue pony in the back, "You can start and we'll move around the room. Now tell me, what is your name and tell me something? Don't be shy."

The blue pony blinked out of his gaze and stands up as he says, "Blue Bird", which obviously wasn't his name but he wanted to mess around with the teacher. "And um... I like to learn!" He said, smiling a little then sitting back down as the teacher simply nodded unsurely then looks at Glaze, who was next.

She smiled softly and happily stand up as she begun to say, "My name is Glaze. My father is technical worker and been working on a tool that will alter one's voice to the point where a filly can sound like a colt and um a colt sounds like a filly. Which is something I've been wanting to get into." She finally finished, smiling softly and sitting back as the teacher happily nodded to that.

Then she looks at the grey pony next who happily stand, grinning a bit at the blue pony from earlier. "Oh... My name? Well. I've been thinking about it since my father is DJ and I really want to get into the same thing but I'll need a cool name... I've been thinking something along the lines as The Tombstone... Though not my full idea." After he finished, he grinned again at the blue pony who simply glared back at him.

After he was finish, the teacher smiled then begun going to each of the other students happily. From there, it was another regular day of the school and once the final bell rings, the students all happily galloped out of their school and begun to head back home. Glaze and her friend were walking together as he was explaining his plans, "I wont be around for tomorrow... I'm gonna surprise my father and hide in his bag! I want to be the first earth pony to step a hoof into a pegasus factory... Or at least the factory my father works at." Glaze was just chuckling softly as he continued on, "Maybe be the first to work there and I'll get you to work with me! Maybe. Father said only stallions can be there but we can figure something out, right?"

Once he was finished, Glaze just nodded softly. "Sure sure. We can easily figure something out." She said, smiling a little. "Well, I'll see you around Bluey, my father is expecting me back home." The two happily split apart from there. The next day, Glaze didn't saw her blue pony friend again, which to be expected, but then over the next week it was common to not see him at all. She even went to his family's house and got no answer... Eventually, the house became up for sale and the pegasus was extremely worried for her friend...

Finally, after many years, Glaze had grown up to be quite a young mare. She was tired of missing her friend and she wanted to do something about it. So, she sneaked into her father's room when he was away and manage to find one of the voice chips that her father been working on since she was small. She softly and carefully applied it to the top of her mouth, the chip being quite sticky and not even noticeable. Then she said softly to herself, "Test." She smiled when she heard a stallion voice come from her mouth then she quickly went to the bathroom's mirror where used a combination of her parents' tool to trim and cut her tail, and mane. To a point where one would assume she's a stallion from the distance. The last thing she did was trim her eyelashes and once she was done with all of this, she smiled softly. "Well... Aren't I a handsome little stallion?" She said to herself, chuckling a bit. He finally came out of his parents home, "Okay. Now I'm a 'stallion', time to go to Cloudsdale." Glaze said to himself before taking to the sky.

It wasn't that much of a long trip but Glaze finally made in and softly entered the factory to a pony up at the front counter, smiling softly at the pony. "I am here to apply for a job." Glaze said softly as the counter pony nodded softly and gave Glaze a note which said 'If you wish to apply for a job, please make your way into the factory and from there, up the stairs and into the headpony's office, but only if you are certain'. Glaze nodded softly and then gently walk through doors...

Once he was in, the whole feel and building simply changed. The room before was a simple and relaxing entrance and only had one pony there, who was at the counter. Now, it is much dark and there is metal under his hooves, and the walls were bricks now. Glaze just shrugged it off and went up the stairs and found the office room. He gently knocked on the door and heard a voice that said "Come in", in which Glaze softly came in then stopped right at the entrance, staring at a blue earth pony who was simply staring right back in disbelief...

The blue pony quickly got it together and went over to shut the door and lock it then looks directly right at Glaze. "Glaze! How...? Why..?" He said with wide eyes, watching the green pegasus who still stand there in disbelief.

Glaze quickly recovered once he heard his friend and finally said, "I'm here to see what ever became of you... Well then. I guess your plans worked, in a way..." He finally said, raising an eyebrow as he step a bit to the side to look at the blue pony.

The blue pony blinked even more, "You... Stallion? Wait wait wait... Father's device?" The blue pony asked as Glaze happily nodded to that question. "Well... In a way, yes. I'm here now as the headpony... Just like my father, except I'm not gonna go crazy." He said as he turned around to walk over to window. Glaze watched curiously though, not understanding. "Come and see what you will be doing now on..." He finally added, wanting Glaze to come to the window.

Glaze blinked a bit, walking slowly over to the window, "What do you mean wha-", then he stopped speaking as he gaze down in disbelief at the factory's machine, watching the blood as the machine makes easy work of the ponies strapped in it. After a moment Glaze backed away, feeling a little sick. "Please please please explain!" He said, looking at the blue pony.

The pony sighed softly, "That is the only known way to pegasi of making rainbows and that is our job. However, since it is so unacceptable in common society, we are suppose to do this in secret and anypony who works here, stays here... And since now you are here, you are stuck here... Like I was when I sneaked into my father's bag long ago..." He explained, frowning a little.

Glaze blinked for a few moments then decided to stay calm and ask, "But didn't your father came and leave here then?" The blue pony nodded then quickly explained that his doing what destroys that for his father and is also what made his mother disappeared. "Oh my... I didn't really want this but... We need to get out of here." Glaze proposed, not wanting to be part of this.

He shook his head though and said, "No one escapes the Rainbow Factory... It is now your responsibility as much as it is mine... Maybe I can recommend you taking it easy for a bit and try to get this through you? I'll keep you hidden from the higher ups for a bit but not for long... Also, I really don't want to see you here so I'm also gonna try to convince them to allow you to be a collector as well... That way you can go out... As long you promise to stick to the job. I don't want to see you on that machine." He explained as Glaze nodded softly to the ideas. "Good... Oh, mind if I borrow your father's device? All you need to do is stay quiet for awhile... Gonna need this thing to finish something up." The blue pony asked as Glaze just sigh softly and uses his tongue to get it out and spit onto the desk.

The blue pony manages to get into a bag and takes it to another room. For the next few weeks, Glaze stick to herself and had spent many times in the office, watching below of what she will be doing here soon. The headpony took the device to their lab, after cleaning it, and begun making a clone. Once the clone was made, he smiled greatly and put it by some other parts then had the original sent back to Glaze, who happily put it back into her mouth...

"So Glaze, you think you can do this?" The headpony asked as Glaze looked over to him with a glare.

"I've seen many pony lives cut short down there and I did feel pity for them... Now though, I can handle it. Easily." Glaze smiled softly as he said that. Then he finally went downstairs into the machine room, looking at his two fellow workers and smiling a little at the machine. "Time to get to work." He said to himself.

From there on, it was the same for months. Glaze goes out every now and then, check things out and collect some supplies and then finally return to run the machine, creating rainbows for Equestria. Nothing changed in his life until the headpony called for him... The headpony was smiling softly as he was standing over, what seems to be an emergency table which is covered. "I think you remember this guy." The headpony said, smiling softly he moved the covers slightly to show a stallion's blonde grey head. Glaze nodded softly, remembering it was one of the ponies he brought in. "This guy is gonna be for something special, something I've been working on for quite some time... Finally happy to get this done." The headpony explain, grinning a little. "So remember his face as you will be commanding him quite soon." Glaze's eyebrow raised softly but then was told to get back to work, and gladly he did so.

It was only a day later when the headpony came back with that same pony, however this time... The pony was up and moved. His eyes were glowing slightly, seemed to be replaced with something else, he no longer had a tail, and his wings were replaced with some sort of robotic one. "This is H8, your new little robot... Have fun Glaze, I know you don't like doing everything." The headpony said then softly left the two as Glaze checked out H8... It didn't took long for Glaze to figure out how H8 worked and manages to get him working on the machine's controls, so that Glaze can get a closer look at the action below... He was starting to like this a little, even though he still misses freedom and life beyond these walls...

And so from there, Glaze continued working at the factory for many years. Watching his friend and himself change over time... Eventually, Glaze was happily doing his job and never thought about life outside until one day his friend finally begun... Glaze finally saw how a life spent within these walls effect a pony and watched as his friend slowly became more obsessed with things related only to the factory. He saw paranoia grew in his friend which caused him to begun work on a new creation called V8, though had many years before it's completion...  After awhile, Glaze finally thought of this happening to him and was afraid and over time became to slowly change his look, once again missing the outside world and can't wait... After so many years of this thinking and seeing his friend's mind go beyond, he was once again going up to the office up above to inform the supply being low once again... Not knowing the path which he is about to go down...
A short story explaining a bit more info that I didn't went into with my Rainbow Factory story. Hope you like it.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" belongs to Hasbro.
"Rainbow Factory" belongs to Woodentoaster.
Glaze belongs to Woodentoaster.
The headpony belongs to BronyDanceParty.
Pony #3 belongs to The Living Tombstone.
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